Jamaica Environment Trust

Strengthening the Capacity of Jamaican Communities to protect their Environmental Rights

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Between 2013 and 2016 this project engaged communities near to mining and quarrying activities in Bull Bay, St. Andrew, Hayes and New Town in Clarendon, Nine Miles in St. Ann and communities facing potential mining in Cockpit Country, Trelawny to strengthen their ability to protect their environmental rights. Funded by the Inter-American Foundation (IAF), communities were trained to test air, water and soil and use the Access to Information Act; they received education about the legal framework for mining and quarrying in Jamaica, how to work with the media, and they met frequently with government regulators and industry. The project was supported by simple printed materials and two films.

Get up! Stan’ up! A guidebook on laws and rights relating to mining and quarrying in Jamaica

Stan’ Up! Talk Up! An Introduction to Advocacy for Jamaican Communities

In addition, a substantial document was produced and circulated to stakeholders:

Promoting Best Practices in Environmental Management of the Mining and Quarrying Sector in Jamaica

Jamaica’s first health survey conducted in Bull Bay, Hayes and New Town was completed.