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Earth Facts – Coral Reefs

What is a coral reef? What are the different kinds of coral reefs? How are we harming coral reefs, and what can we do to help them? Learn more in this issue of Earth Facts.

Earth Facts – Important Bird Areas

What is an important bird area? What are their function? How are they established? What are the threats to birds? Learn more in this issue of Earth Facts.

Birdsleuth Curriculum – Connecting Kids through Birds

This resource is part of the BirdSleuth curriculum developed at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology in partnership with the Society for the Study and Conservation of Caribbean Birds and Community Cloudforest Conservation. Through these activities, you can connect young people to nature through birds and your local environment while building their scientific and environmental knowledge.

Earth Facts – About Birds

Have you ever wondered what makes a bird a bird, where birds came from, or why they are important? This issue of Earth Facts will answer some basic questions about birds.